Yoga For Beginners: Focusing On Mental And Physical Health

Is there a secret formula to stay healthy over time? In any case, and best of all, it’s also very easy to combine a healthy diet with some exercise and more relaxing activities. The result is good health.

The benefits of a healthy diet, which includes all food groups and must not be lacking in the “superfood”, are widely known and are evident both physically and mentally. If you also do regular physical exercise and add a few loosening activities, you will be amazed by the result.

But exercise and relaxation don’t necessarily have to be done separately, because there are sports activities that relax and help you get better shape at the same time, such as Pilates or yoga. Did you know that there are different types of yoga? Each of them offers interesting advantages, as they promote concrete aspects such as strength, balance, breathing or concentration. Choosing the right way can increase your well-being.

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Basic Yoga Styles

There are many different styles, each focusing on highlighting the different benefits:

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This style is considered an introduction to yoga. Combines position and breathing in a pleasant rhythm. In this way the student can get to know and discover yoga through his personal pace, and thus get used to the transition of yoga postures.

Belongs to “gentle yoga” because the transition between the postures is fluid and is maintained longer than in other styles of yoga. This does not mean that Iyengar is simple, because in practice it requires good balance and coordination.

This is a dynamic type of yoga that requires increased muscle work, including work on breathing.

Dynamic yoga that works on the coordination between movement and breathing. Often associated with Ashtanga Yoga.

In this type of yoga, the postures are maintained for quite some time, with the aim of general and tissue relaxation.

The essential feature of this yoga technique is that it is over 40° hot in the practice room. Here it is a matter of activating all muscles, including those that are not worked on regularly.

Yoga for meditation and spirituality through gentle exercises and breathing work.

Based on the energy that flows through our body, and focuses on the connective tissue of muscles and bones. It works simultaneously on maintaining yoga postures and stretching muscles without disregarding breathing.

It is one of the purest and most complete styles of yoga. It uses the whole body to achieve balance between postures, flexible breathing and spirituality.

What kind of yoga is for me when…

…I’m a beginner?

Hatha is an excellent choice to start with yoga.

…I want to improve my physique?

Because Ashtanga vinyasa yoga styles are dynamic, they are a good choice for those who want to improve their physical appearance and muscle tone. As mentioned earlier, they can be trained separately, but can also be combined.

…I want to relax?

Iyengar or Nidra are two excellent yoga styles to promote relaxation, improve sleep, and even avoid insomnia.

…I want to be more flexible?

Since Bikram Yoga is performed in rooms with high temperatures to prepare the muscles for the exercises, it is suitable for improving mobility. The results are easy to see.

…I am pregnant?

Ananda Yoga is very suitable during pregnancy because on the one hand it works on breathing and on the other hand it promotes concentration and spirituality, helping the mother-to-be to connect with her inner self.

…I have muscle and bone pain?

Yin-Yoga is a very recommendable technique for people with pain of the musculoskeletal system.

…I want to do sports with my partner?

Those who are afraid of yoga because they think of individual exercises can also get their money’s worth: AcroYoga is based on acrobatic postures in pairs, it strengthens the trust and connection to others.

No matter which yoga style you choose, there is always an attempt to work on all aspects to achieve physical, mental and spiritual improvement.

How can you maximize the benefits of the exercises? Simply by combining the exercises with a balanced, varied and healthy diet that includes the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.